What is TalentID?

Many of us take huge risks when it comes to success, taking ourselves further away from realising our potential. Our brain is wired to go for familiar or easy-to-understand solutions, even if it means that these solutions end up sabotaging our success.

People often limit themselves to one personality "type", dismissing their unique talents and strengths that make them individuals. What makes you different from another person of that "type"?  Even professionals can be subject to cognitive bias, using popular, but outdated, psychological assessments to help make critical decisions that compromise success.

One of the main reasons is because the kind of psychology that works best is also often too technical and inaccessible. The team of psychologists at TalentIdentify aims to change that.

TalentIdentify was created because as psychologists, we believe in having the choice of success. And that journey starts with accurately identifying your unique natural talents AND challenges, knowing what makes you different from others. 

Delivered by Psychologists

Created and verified by legally recognised experts on human behaviour, TalentIdentify is brought to you by registered Personality Psychologists - not business people.


TalentIdentify helps you strengthen different aspects of your life by giving you a full view of your strengths, development areas, and relational compatibility with others!

Maps your unique talents

We move away from the dangerous idea that there are only a few "types" of people in the world. Success is about understanding and leveraging your unique strengths and talents.

How does TalentID work?

TalentID isn't a typical internet personality test, or psychometric assessment. In fact, it can replace the older psychometric tools because it's not just founded on the latest people science - it also integrates behavioural algorithms to deliver insights you can actually trust to make important decisions.
TalentID is comprehensive and unique in its ability to identify your talents and patterns of relating to others. It's like a success advisor that is able to draw on decades of actual psychology for your benefit.

What do you get?

Take the comprehensive, reliable approach towards success by scanning 3 aspects of people in-depth and receiving recommendations.

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Natural Talents

Insight into natural talents and personal success strategy

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Core Motivators

Insight into unconscious needs and drivers

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Success Disruptors

Insight into unique challenges influencing success

Your Tools for Success 

TalentID can be used for individuals seeking success in their personal and/or work life, or looking to manage relationship compatibility or conflict. It is also used to improve performance in teams and organisations, identifying behavioural styles, as well as work values and culture.

TalentID Personal

Use personality psychology to identify personal strengths and career directions for an individual, or to manage compatibility and conflict for couples.

  • Comprehensive assessment of talents to realise potential
  • Map disruptors that influence and inhibit success
  • Uncover values and motivators for direction
  • Harness success attributes and relationship satisfaction
  • Decisions with confidence, backed by psychology

TalentID Workplace

Use cutting-edge business psychology to identify work success potential and directions for an individual, team, or entire workforce.

  • Comprehensive assessment of talents to realise potential
  • Map disruptors that influence or inhibit success
  • Determine work culture, motivators and values
  • Maximise engagement, performance and compatibility
  • Decisions with confidence, backed by psychology

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TalentID for relationships or culture?

We are currently offering individual reports only to the general public. If you are interested in using TalentID for more than one person, we can set you up. Just get in touch.

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